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My First Video

This was one of my first animations. I think I've come a long way since then.

The Best Burrito

This is one of my first music videos.The music is by Parry Gripp. I've remixed my animation several times getting better each time.

The Wrong Herd

This is my first attempt at a cartoon parody. It is a scene-for-scene recreation from a Freakizoid episode. This is also the first time I was featured on a large MLP newsite, Eequestria Daily.

Back From Work

This is one of my personal favorite videos. I completed production of it in the span of a single weekend.

A Very Derpy Holiday

This is my big Christmas special. It originally was going to be a Thanksgiving special, but I didn't finish it in time, but I was able to bring the same story over.

A Paper Derpy Delivery

I was starting to be fatigued from using the same puppets I've been using for the past two years. It was the start of a new year, so what better way to start anew than to change my art and animation style. This is my full animation using this new style.

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