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My Animation Workflow: Idea to Upload

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Animation is large production and takes many steps to complete. Almost every animation starts with an idea, that goes into production, and eventualy gets uploaded for the world.

The start of an animation is an idea. This could be a concept or a central theme. Once the theme is decided, it can be written like a script for a play. The script will be revised and rewritten and sometimes rewritten completely.


Once the script is completed next is storyboard. A storyboard is similar to a comic book with thumbnail pictures of what the animation will look like. Sometimes scenes like an action scene may require what's called an animatic. An animatic is a storyboard with simple animations added. They usually involve the storyboard sketches moving around the screen.

storyboard example 1 script

Next is layout. This involves adding backgrounds, props and characters into a Flash scene, and timing them to match the storyboard. The characters may also be posed with their starting positions at this point.


Next is the animation. Most of the time is spent on character actions, but an animated background will also be created at this stage.


Next it's time to review the work. Exporting the animation as a SWF file let's you review the animation in real-time. This is where all animation errors should be fixed.


Next is converting the SWF file to Swivel. Swivel is a separate program, and was created by Newgrounds. This will convert the SWF file into a MP4 file format.


On Youtube, we can upload the MP4 file and let the world see it.


And that's it! Rinse and repeat to become famous.