Group Projects

C. Allan Gann "Midnight Mares"

My role was lead animator and co-producer. I lead a small team and provided comprehensive reference materials. I simplified a team member's character puppets for quicker turnarounds. I also composited and added shading in After Effects.

Josh Scorcher "The Folly of Celestia"

My role was lead animator. I led a small group, providing detailed feedback for their in-progress dailies. I created the two main character puppets, Twilight Sparkle and Vesper from scratch. I worked with the team to simplify and add new assets for the other character puppets, Princess Celestia and Luna. I also helped make the background assets and its animated elements.

IloveKimPossibleAlot "A Different Dispective"

My role started as a crowd animator. I was initially assigned a few shots with a large group of characters, that all animate and react. I finished those shots rather quickly and the rest of the animation team weren’t complete with their shots. The director let me look through the teammates files and I completed them. After a while, all the animators had left for other projects, I stayed to see it through to the end. I was promoted to lead animator and lead a new group of animators to finish the remaining shots.

Lunar Studios "Luna's Cake"

My role was lead animator. I worked with the director and another animator and provided feedback on how to animate with the same motion style. We divided up the workload and animated one character each. I also made the background and prop assets.

Colabs with YouTubers - Individual

For the following, I was the sole animator. I worked one-on-one with the commissioner, asking what exactly they'd like to see in their animation. I would be as faithful as I could to their descriptions and provide work-in-progress renders to them for evaluation. I made each of their characters, using a puppet base I made from scratch, saving myself time. For some, I also made the background.

Ed Prins Stairs

Flaming Dash

Quirky Craft

Pound and Pumpkin Tales


Ice Gaze

Silver Swirls